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5 examples if issues that have brought science and society to conflict

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    Origin of the Universe
    Stem Cell research
    Development of nuclear energy
    Our use of the Earth's resources and its impacts
    Man's growing need for energy and its impact

    What are the strength and weaknesses for these issues that have brought Science and Society into conflict?
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    What are your ideas on these issues?
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    The last two seem more like socioeconomic/political issues rather than science. Nuclear power could come over that as well.
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    The ideal of science is absolute. The people who claim to represent science are human and hence fallible. The name of science is invoked whenever possible can in order to give credence to a political argument and in the long run the discipline of science should correct for the errors and biases of the day. The institution of science faces the most conflict when either it’s research conflicts with the principles of a large group society or it’s results bring about massive changes in both the understanding and organization of society
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