A fantastic invention or fantasy?

  1. An Italian inventor, Andrea Rossi, claims that a 1000 MW nuclear reactor, being constructed in Greece, will become operational in October 2011. I hope he is right; how can one not be happy to have electricity which is ten times less expensive than from coal, and without any pollution? But I am skeptical. Why? Read this paper:


    But many reputable people take his claim seriously, as illustrated in these two posts:


    How can such optimism be explained?

    Ludwik Kowalski (see Wikipedia)
    author of: http://csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/life/intro.html
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    I didn't watch the vids in the links. Are any of these "reputable people" physicists? Cold fusion has be a staple of crackpots for some time. I don't know that it will never be possible, but if he has done repeatable cold fusion, it would be known all over the world as soon as it was confirmed.
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    We'll just have to wait and see. There are plenty of reasons to be highly skeptical, but in the end we will just have to wait.
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    See our skepticism and debunking forum for recent threads on this. It doesn't qualify for the engineering forums - there is no engineering to discuss.
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