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A few very specific questions about Venus

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    I am working on an animated short movie about a mission to Venus. I have a few very specific questions to help me get an authentic look.

    Firstly, would an object in long term orbit around Venus (say a hundred thousand years or so) become coated in dust? If so, what colour?

    Secondly, what wethering effects due to heat/radiation/other factors would I have to consider (the object is a derelict alien ship, but made of normal metals and alloys familiar to science, not some fancy indestructable material!)

    Third, after such a long time exposed to such an enviroment, would it be feasable for any trace of organic matter (ie remains of the crew) to be found in the wreckage?

    thanks in advance!
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    Hi Andy

    If it's in orbit, then the conditions on Venus are irrelevant. It's just drifting through empty space, with a bit higher insolation from the Sun. If the craft were to interact with the atmosphere, it wouldn't stay in orbit but crash relatively quickly.
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    Thanks Bandersnatch,
    I was thinking that perhaps the solar wind (presumably stronger, closer to the sun) would have blown material off the cloud tops of Venus. Any thoughts about weathering/corrosion from heat and radiation over such a long time?
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    It appears more likely an object in some kind of perpetual orbit would be 'sandblasted' by interplanetary and solar debris. Asteroids are not generally thought to be dusty, although dust emissions have been detected in some cases - e.g. asteroid 62412. Any dust from Venus would have to achieve escape velocity from Venus, giving it significant kinetic energy.
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