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A predicted intermediate form is found

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    [QUOTE]Well, here it is in all it's beautiful glory, another piece in the tetrapod origins story has just arrived in two articles in Nature today. .... This is Tiktaalik rosae, a lobe-finned fish from the Late Devonian Fram Formation of Arctic Canada. The key features that make this animal a lobe-finned fish are the limbs which clearly have a humerus that branches out to a radius and ulna, like our own limbs. But Tiktaalik is clearly different. It has foregone a lot of the other lobe-finned fish conditions for characteristics that are much more like a tetrapod. In fact, Tiktaalik is without question the most tetrapod-like sarcopterygian known to date, and it fills an important gap in the fossil record. Clearly, it's can no longer be safely jammed into that "fish" category.[/QUOTE]


    Yet another piece of evidence that support evolution.
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    I'm actually enjoying seeing how quickly this story is being spread around the internet. What would have ordinarily been just another piece of evidence added to what has already been accumulated in support of evolution, I suppose the timing of this discovery has gained this one great popularity on the internet, being touted as "THE" missing link, when it's just another link. But, I'm glad to hear news showing support for rather than ignorance of evolution for a change.
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    I was also pleased hearing this discovery discusssed on http://www.sciencefriday.com/pages/2006/Apr/hour2_040706.html[/URL]. They mentioned they had a high expectation of finding a fossil record of this type, at their chosen site location.

    The (scientists) targeted Ellesmere Island (in Arctic Canada) after noticing that it was listed in an undergraduate textbook as exposed Devonian rock that had not previously been explored for vertebrate fossils.[/quote]
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