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A problem of a Matlab programme

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    Hi,I have a problem in Matlab programme,I want to calculate the derivative of a expression by matlab,but there are some abstract functions in that expression.
    for example:f=R(t)*cos(t),I want calculate d=diff(f,t),but I don't know how to deal with the abstract function R(t),I hope I can get this kind of result:d=dRt*cos(t)-R*sin(t),but how should I design the programme?
    thank you for your help.
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    Matlab does not do symbolic calculations, without the Symbolic Math Toolbox installed. Do you have that?

    - Warren
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    Thank you.
    I find that I have the Symbolic Math Toolbox installed,I will have a try soon.
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    I doubt that the Symbolic Math Toolbox is installed,and I doubt that Toolbox can solve my problem
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