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    Our investigatory project for this year is entitled "The Antimicrobial Effect of Helianthus annuus on Escherichia Coli". I will be needing H. annuus extracts. I understand that there are a number of types of extracts and extraction methodologies. Which type of extract must be used for microbial assay? And which methodology should be used? A link would be very helpful ^___^. Thank you!
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    A plant extract with water is most suitable since it is most like your growth media. If you were to extract with alcohol or hexane, for example, the effect of the solvent on the growth of E. coli would have to be controlled for.

    Feel free to link to this site if you want to!:biggrin:
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    Oh I see =D. Thank you so much! ^___^

    I have another related questions... umm... among our subproblems is this: "Determine the phytochemicals in H. annuus that can destroy the bacteria E. coli." I found a list of the flower's phytochemicals (http://sun.ars-grin.gov:8080/npgspub/xsql/duke/plantdisp.xsql?taxon=466) but I have no idea what to do with it o__O. How must I proceed to answer this question? Is there some sort of experimentation involved?

    EDIT: Oh! Wait a bit. Am I supposed to look at the phytochemicals one by one, and then look at their uses? Hmm... What can kill E. coli?
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