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A question regarding synchrotron lightsources.

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    Is it possible that a lightsource synchrotron can produce any form of ionising particle radiation other than the electrons and synchrotron and bremsstrahlung radiation, such as positrons, neutrons, protons or the like, via electron-nucleus or photonuclear reactions in the materials surrounding the accelerator?

    Basically, when considering radiation shielding design around a synchrotron lightsource facility, do those types of radiation such as neutrons need to be considered at all, or do only the synchrotron and bremsstrahlung photons and electrons need to be considered?
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    There are lot of light sources for e.g.,
    X-ray sources can produce x-rays from electrons (like in ESRF, diamond light source, SLS).
    Neutron sources produce neutrons (ILL).
    And proton in PSI.
    Normally shielding is done mainly for the storage ring. For X-rays lead. For neutrons water with high amount of hydrogen. I don't know about protons but it can found in home of synchrotrons.
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