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A question related to solar system

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    what is the term " Solar wave"
    and why pluto was not consider a planet?:confused:
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    Never heard of it. Can you provide some source material?

    Because we named Pluto a planet before we understood the makeup of our solar system. The discovery of the Kuiper Belt shows us that Pluto is merely one of many. And we have now discovered other objects in similar positions that are even larger than Pluto, and we expect to discover even more.

    We have two choices: we can add to the list of planets indefinitely, or we can create some sort of logical cutoff point as to what is a planet and what is not.
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    Possibly you mean "solar shock wave"?
    The sun emits charged particles (electrons, protons ) this is called "solar wind". When this wind hits a magnetic field of a planet, it creates a solar shock wave.
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