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A Solution To The Grandfather Paradox

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    Hey There,

    I would like to share something that crossed my mind the other day, a solution to the grandpa paradox.

    My solution is quite basic,
    The Man in the future is going to shoot himself in the past through a portal, He will not do so because if he did, he wouldn't exist in the future to shoot himself in the past. But by any probability and all the power in the universe, he does shoot himself, his existence is deleted and the universe functions in balance again.

    Free will is merely an illusion.Another theory of mine states that the past and the future are all predestined in the Universe.
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    What does "his existence is deleted" mean? What about the whole universe that interacted with that person?
    That does not work.

    Note that you don't have to shoot someone (or yourself) to run into trouble. Even changing the orientation of a single molecule could lead to an inconsistent universe if none of the many possible resolutions is present.
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    Sorry, we do not allow personal theories nor philosophical discussions. Thread closed.
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