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A Space Geek's Return to the Forums

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    Hello all! I was a member of this forum years ago when I was a student. A drive to give back to the community has brought me back here as a professional. I hope that I can help with my limited experiences!

    I live on the Space Coast of Florida and work at Kennedy Space Center. I help to run a newspace startup company. I have a B.S. in astronomy/astrophysics, an M.S. in physics/astrophysics, and I'm a PhD drop-out (ABD) in physics/planetary science. In my short career thus far, I've worked as a researcher studying cataclysmic variables, gamma-ray bursts, and planetary dust dynamics, and I've also worked as a space industry analyst, a research analyst for International Space Station payloads, and now preparing for my company's future parabolic/"zeroG" and suborbital flights. I'm also a newlywed to a PhD economist and we're working through the two-body problem.

    I've recently entered the world of blogging [mentor note: personal contact details deleted] and I'm reaching out to communities to increase my connection with students. This forum is part of my efforts. Hope I can help. I look forward to communicating with you!
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    Hi Laura. http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/5725/red5e5etimes5e5e45e5e25.gif [Broken]

    Welcome back, and congratulations on your many achievements. It is pleasing to have former student members return. :smile:

    I need to point out the PF policy of not allowing promotion in posts of personal blogs or offsite contacts.
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    Sorry about that! I jus re-read the guidelines and I don't see that particular rule listed. Is it an unwritten rule? I also note that someone has their personal website in their signature so I'm guessing that's allowed?
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    Hi Laura, welcome back.

    I believe that these three areas of our guidelines cover your question.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Beware - it easily converts into a three body problem and the math gets much more complicated.
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    As long as the mass of the third body is small compared to the other two, there are some static solutions.
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    I am not sure having the small body in a Lagrange point is ideal for its development.
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    Ha! Thanks guys. We're trying for a tiny third body at the moment, and then a fourth, and then a fifth... Thankfully the masses of my husband and I are large enough to carry the little ones with us, until they outweigh me at least.
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