What is Space industry: Definition and 15 Discussions

Space industry refers to economic activities related to manufacturing components that go into Earth's orbit or beyond, delivering them to those regions, and related services. Owing to the prominence of the satellite-related activities, some sources use the term satellite industry interchangeably with the term space industry. The term space business has also been used. A narrow definition encompasses only hardware providers (primarily related to launch vehicles and satellites). This definition does not exclude certain activities, such as space tourism. Thus more broadly, space industry can be described as the companies involved in the space economy, and providing goods and services related to space. Space economy has been defined as "all public and private actors involved in developing and providing space-enabled products and services. It comprises a long value-added chaining, starting with research and development actors and manufacturers of space hardware and ending with the providers of space-enabled products and services to final users."

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  1. C

    Math From math PhD to space industry - possible?

    Hello everybody, I am currently in the middle of my PhD in mathematics. In the beginning of the program I was quite sure that I would stay in academia, however it is becoming more and more clear to me that I want to go into industry once I am finished. During the last weeks I have started to...
  2. J

    Job Skills Miltary to Space Industry Career Advice Needed

    Everyone, this post is going on multiple forums/subreddits so I can get diverse feedback. Pardon the spam if you see it elsewhere: I am retiring from the military in three years from a non-technical specialty. I have a bachelors in management. I will be 45 when I depart. I will have a security...
  3. Y

    Job Skills Careers in the Space Industry that aren't Aero/Mech

    Are there STEM related careers in the space industry which are different from Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering? If so, what are they?
  4. J

    Need help setting a career path for the Space industry

    I'm sure this is all something you hear a lot on this message board but I'd like to say it nonetheless. The space industry and astronomy at large are some of the only things I've ever felt passion for. I'd like nothing more than to work in that industry. My current plan is to major in physics...
  5. EternusVia

    Does anyone work in the space industry?

    If anyone here works in the space industry, would you be willing to tell me about the most important credentials and qualities someone needs to work in your field?
  6. Laura Forczyk

    A Space Geek's Return to the Forums

    Hello all! I was a member of this forum years ago when I was a student. A drive to give back to the community has brought me back here as a professional. I hope that I can help with my limited experiences! I live on the Space Coast of Florida and work at Kennedy Space Center. I help to run a...
  7. EternusVia

    Does the space industry hire mathematicians?

    Hi all, I'm currently an applied mathematics student in my third year, and I plan to attend graduate school for pure or applied math. Physics and engineering deeply interest me, so I'm naturally drawn to the aerospace industry. Dazzling leaders like NASA and SpaceX are truly inspiring, and it...
  8. T

    Engineering Aerospace engineering or Engineering physics for the Space Industry?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently finishing my bachelor's degree in engineering physics (integrated master´s) and wondering what I should pursue on my master's degree and if I should move from my current path. My main objective is to work in the space industry (quite vague I imagine). Would it be...
  9. O

    Working in the Space industry OR Nuclear/Solar energy as a ChemE?

    Hello, I am a Chemical Engineering major and a sophomore. When I first got to college I hoped to work in Pharma, but lately I'm becoming more and more interested in working for either the Space industry (SpaceX, NASA, etc) or in the alternative energy field (mainly Nuclear, but also Solar)...
  10. R

    A Career in the Space Industry - Is it wishful thinking?

    Hi all, I'm new here and wanting some advice and this forum came up top in Google when I was hunting around for advice with regards to working in the Space industry. I'm 34, dropped out of university when I was 19 in the first year (was doing a Physics with Laser Application course at...
  11. V

    Towards a career in the Space Industry

    Hello! I am going to university this fall, and I am having a tough time deciding on whether I should study Engineering Physics or Electrical Engineering. The goal is to work in the space industry, more precisely, the systems involved. So are my options are: 1. Engineering Physics +...
  12. L

    How to get to the space industry, from here

    Hi guys, I'm currently studying a BSc in physics at my countries (New Zealand) best university. The sole reason for me studying it, is to work in the space industry. And, I'd be lying if I said my ultimate goal wasn't to become an astronaut, no matter how 'unrealistic' that would be. I'm a...
  13. T

    Careers/Training for Space Industry - Help

    I have a great interest in space exploration and am trying to find somewhere I could work in that field. I don't think I have the grades to get into aerospace engineering, so I am wondering where else there would be opportunities. Does anyone have any ideas, perhaps in technician work or...
  14. C

    Shenzhou 6 Launch: Implications for the Global Space Industry

    Shenzhou 6 was launched earlier today. What do you think the implications are for the worldwide space industry, and also where do you think the Chinese may be headed with this? How long until they get to the Moon, Mars, or surpass NASA? Also, if given the chance, would you take a ride on a...
  15. chroot

    Getting into the space industry

    I am just about desperate to become part of the space industry. I want to be doing something involving the design, construction, or operation of spacecraft , manned or unmanned. I don't particularly care where I start. I wouldn't mind writing communication software, working on data analysis and...