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Absorption coefficient of quantum well

  1. May 8, 2012 #1
    we know that the quantum well absorption coefficient is calculated by summing over the electron-heavy hole and electron-light hole transitions:

    α[itex]_{w}[/itex](E) = [itex]\sum_{n}α[/itex][itex]_{e_{n}-hh_{n}}[/itex](E) + [itex]\sum_{n}α[/itex][itex]_{e_{n}-lh_{n}}[/itex](E)

    where n is the n[itex]^{th}[/itex] transistion.

    but when the photon flux is incident on the QW, the absorption spectrum becomes continuous rather than discrete as all the photons above a certain level of energy will be absorbed in the well. Am I right?

    please help me .... i am novice in this field.
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