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Homework Help: Advance Genetic Problem (Plasmid:- pBluescript II KS/SK (+)) help please

  1. Feb 11, 2007 #1
    Right guys, does anyone knows advance genetics and recombinant dna techniques

    the problem consist of cloning eng1 gene chromosome (the gene eng1 sequence we are given to interpret) how can we integrate this into the plasmid pBluescriptII and restriction enzymes used
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    Maybe I'm just tired, but something isn't making sense to me in what you've asked.

    Are you asking what restriction enzymes to use to insert your gene into the plasmid? Were you given a map of the plasmid showing where the cutting sites are for various restriction enzymes? If not, this is a commonly used plasmid that you can look up that information for. You need the plasmid sequence to select the restriction enzymes to use.
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