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Advice for a raw graduate in the Manufacturing field?

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    I'm a fresh graduate with a bachelors in mechanical engineering and iv been placed in a company that produces pistons and piston rings. I've never had work experience prior to this. If there's anyone out there who's had experience in the manufacturing line or foundry work, please let me know what to watch out for. It would be very helpful for my career. I'll be joining as what any raw graduate would, as a trainee.
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    In manufacturing, you need a thick skin. Production is everything and schedules are king. Keep your eyes open and try to learn from those around you (same for any area of engineering). I think you will appreciate being a trainee for a while because there will be a lot of things you need to learn. Take your time learning and don't let the line workers give you too much grief about being a new engineer because you are going to hear things like "great another new engineer"...a lot. Good luck.
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    Make sure you have your copy of the Machinery's Handbook if you don't already. It was the best advice my professor gave me.
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    Its a dog eat dog business, production manufacturing
    just like a dog, everybody needs a bone
    when you have a good idea or project to push, make sure the boss and manager get a bone (and have a bone to take to their boss)
    if you need the shop to help, make sure they get a bone
    as long as eveybody gets a bone, (usually) you won't get bit
    keep all the bones for yourself, they will reduce you to bones

    as Fred said all that matters is what gets out the door ON time or better
    and ask questions and take lots of notes (at least at first)

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    Thanks my friends. that was some very useful advice from all of you.
    dr, sounds like youve been through a very competitive environment!

    Regards. :smile:
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