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  1. B

    Glass bottle with a prolonged neck that continues into the inner space

    Is it possible to create following two shapes from glass using currently known glass mass production techniques? Shape #1: bottle with a prolonged neck that continues into the inner space, like this (cross section): | | | | /| |\ / | | \ / \ / \ |...
  2. Behrouz

    Magnetic globe

    I'm trying to make a magnetic globe (magnetic from outside) with diameter of about 30 cm. Please imagine it as a snow globe, while it is magnetic as well :). I'm wondering about the options to make it, as light as possible. Please feel free to suggest tags here, if I'm missing anything or I...
  3. s4thishkmr

    How to manufacture this nozzle?

    Hi guys , Need help and suggestion in finding best way to manufacturing this nozzle. Thanks
  4. prashantakerkar

    Isotope applications in Agriculture industry Can Isotopes be useful to Agriculture industry viz Fertilizers & Instecticides manufacturing? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  5. K

    Engineering Getting Bored of my Engineering job

    My apologies if the question is in the wrong forum or section. Anyway, I'm a mechanical engineer with 2 years of work experience and have just recently moved to a new company. And just like in my previous job, fatigue seems to be kicking in. The job is basically a mountain of documentation...
  6. P

    Steps to calculate Air Consumption of a Pneumatic System

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum and this is my first post so nice to meet you all! Since English is my second language, I apologize for some odd sentences. I'm a 4th year university student and currently has an internship in a Press Shop of a car manufacturer in Thailand. The project has been...
  7. S

    Material starting form for stub axle

    I am unsure whether I am posting in the right place, but was hoping someone could help me out. I was wondering if anyone knows the shape of the material at the beginning of the manufacturing process of a stub axle, and how the shape will vary depending on the quantity of products being made...
  8. E

    Manufacturing Help -- Need a highly viscous material

    First time post, I appreciate any advice! I own a small manufacturing company that makes RF connectors and adapters. Our automated machinery makes the connector bodies out of brass, and many of the parts we make have fairly delicate threads or features that are easily damaged when one part...
  9. S

    Engineering Continuum Mechanics or Design/Manufacturing?

    Hi, people of PF I'm trying to decide between concentrating on continuum mechanics or design/manufacturing for my master's degree. My goal is to ultimately work in the industry, so design/manufacturing seems to make a lot of sense. However at the same time, continuum mechanics (and physics in...
  10. R

    Engineering Robotics and Controls Career

    Hi all, I've finally narrowed down my career interests to robotics and controls. I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology. I'm looking at a couple different grad programs at a local school: MSEE with a focus on robotics and controls. M. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on...
  11. D

    How to design discrete circuits for transistor beta changes?

    In my circuits/active devices course we had to make amplifier designs with various type of transistors (BJT, JFET, MOSFET). In each design the transistor beta parameter played an important role in deciding which resistors to use in the final amplifier circuit. This beta parameter changes widely...
  12. B

    What are the highest paying manufacturing companies?

    What are the highest paying manufacturing companies that a production engineering master degree graduate could try and go for? Doesn't matter if it's in states or elsewhere. Let me know your opinion.
  13. S

    What is the req.thickness of sheet metal to prevent buckling

    My project involves making a 5 ft*3 ft*4 ft (l*b*h) aluminium/stainless steel sheet metal box at the back of a slow moving pedal vehicle. There is no load on the sheet metal, except from small vibrations from road travel. My question is: 1. What gauge of sheet metal thickness would be enough...
  14. M

    Precision hole making methods for small holes

    I'm designing a fixture for quality control and need a few precision holes. Their diameters range from 1/8" to 5/16" and need to be ±0.0002" with a depth of 1/2". I've been looking into EDM hole making and honing, but neither seem to be great for that range of diameters. Anyone know of any other...
  15. A

    Shoulders on railway tracks concrete sleepers

    Hi, I want to ask the shoulders that are used on railway tracks concrete sleepers, should they be forged or ductile cast and why? If someone can post an article it'll be great. Thank You for your help and support.
  16. A

    Shock absorption properties better from casting or forging?

    Hi I want to ask which of the cast steels or forged steels provide with better shock absorption? The component has to be used in the under chassis of heavy trucks in bumpy roads. Can anyone help me with that? Thank You
  17. C

    How TO make a variable 3D metal box

    Hi i want to know how to make a 3D metal box whose length, width, and height i can change. For example, i have a box of 3 m x 3 m x 3 m. i should be able to extend any dimension by a maximum of 1 meter i.e 4 meter (say). I want to use this to store items whose size is unknown, but the limits of...
  18. R

    Design, Manufacture and Machining of Carbon composites for RC planes

    Hi Guys Recently I have started a new hobby into RC planes. What I have noticed is extensive use of Carbon composites weight yet sturdy structures. Now the problem is that these structures seem to be cut (milling/drilling/laser cutting/water jet cutting) from a sheet (or laminates) of carbon...