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Advice on applying programming to physics

  1. Aug 18, 2009 #1
    I've got a small amount of programming under my belt right now. I learned some java in my AP Comp Sci AB class and got a 4 on the AP. I want to work on my my programming with the specific intention of getting research experience in physics.

    It's a little hard for me to work on solely programming, it just gets boring and mundane pretty quickly. I think it'd be more interesting if I could somehow relate it to solving physics problems.

    Anyone have any advice on any books or websites I should checkout? Should I try to find something related to algorithmic problem solving?

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    Yes, the website www.nr.com has a wealth of programming resources. Also, if you want to get your hands dirty, try programming solutions to the problems in this book.


    The price is high but shop around. These two resources made a C++ progammer out of me.

    Also, look into programming the finite element method. But start with the simplistic on this one.


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