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Admissions After graduating with a bachelor's, it's not possible to...

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    ...attend another school with the sole intention of completing a certain selection of courses, is it? I ask because I need to take some courses that are required by the Society of Actuaries for VEE credit evaluation, and at most, two semesters' worth of those courses are not offered at my current institute.

    So what I'm asking is, it's not possible to attend a university with the sole intention of taking courses and with no intention whatsoever of getting a degree, is it? Obviously not, right?
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    Is possible. Check with the university offering the courses you want. The institution should allow for some kind of Open University method or Education Extension method.
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    I see. Thank you.
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    Do a Google search for "non degree seeking student". This turns up many pages from university web sites, describing policies and admissions procedures for students who want to take specific courses without enrolling in a full degree program.
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    Thank you for introducing me to that term. Now I know what to search for on the internet when I eventually graduate, move to another city, and look to complete my actuarial education. Though, it will still be about 1.34 years before I get my math degree, so technically speaking, I don't have need of this information at this very moment, but it's nice to know what to look up when searching up colleges to take my classes. I'm honestly just idling my time on break, which is why I made this topic asking questions about the future and such.
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