After the Big bang ,when did the first atoms form?

  1. After the big bang ,how long did it take for atoms to be formed? how long did it take for the elementary/fundamental particles to come together and form atoms?did atoms formed instantly after the big bang? first atoms were hydrogen right?
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    about 3 minutes.

    EDIT: by the way, you should learn to use Google; it would have pointed you to not only the answer but some discussion.
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  4. are right about the google's given that recombination happened 300,000 years after the big bang
    So during photon epoch almost all the leptons annihilated ,so very few nuclei could capture electrons and become electrically neutral atoms ,then right? so the universe is mostly ionic?
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    Yeah, you're right. I forgot that it was only the nucleus of the atoms that formed at 3 minutes.
  6. During the photon era, there were electrons. It's just that when you heat hydrogen to 3000K, the protons and electrons ionize.

    At 300,000 years, atoms formed. Then about a billion years later, when you had the first stars, the star light caused most of the gas in the universe to ionize again.
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