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Against incredible odds: which such stories are you fond of?

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    True stories or fiction, what examples of standing against impossible odds did you enjoy reading/watching? Anything where a few, or just one individual, faced death from an overwhelming force, yet managed to win/survive/beat (or nearly so).
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The sperm that gets the egg.

    We are all lottery winners!
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    Simo Hayha - "The White Death - World's Greatest Sniper"

    The Soviets didn't know what to do with this guy. They sent in task forces and teams of counter-snipers, and Hayha killed them, too. Out of frustration, they carpet-bombed the area, successfully wounding his coat. Eventually someone got lucky and shot him in the head, blowing half of it away.

    Hayha made a full recovery.
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    eazy e

    ricky ross
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    Now THAT STORY would make a great movie...forget Rambo.
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