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Aircraft Certification (Static Electricity Dischargers)

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    The little wicks placed at the wingtips to get rid of static electricity on the wings and body of the aircraft are vital to aircraft.
    I am interested in what the certification requirements for placing these ont he wings. I assue the formula of would include things like
    1-surface area
    2-speed the aircraft can reach
    3-material used on the aircraft...

    Is there a quick right hand rule for this ( place at-least 3 per wing type of deal) I assume there was a lot of testing done to figure this out, as the static electricity build up on the winds can mean a big degradation for communication with the tower and GPS signals.

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    Sections 23 and 25 are a bit "broad" and doesn't really say specifically anything about calculating the static discharge wicks. It gives a lot of details on procedural items, not technical. Usually companies come up with proprietary ways or some academic papers get released.
    I have found these and would like to share with the rest of the community.

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