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I How do planes discharge static electricity when refuelling?

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    I know that planes have static dischargers (static wicks) on the trailing edges of wings to discharge static electricity when they are flying.

    I was wondering how a plane, let's say with electrically resistive fibreglass wings, would discharge this without having sparks ignite while it's stationary and being refuelled?
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    they use earthing straps that are connected before fuel connections are made

    google is your friend. there are lots of links
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    Indeed. We used similar straps keep our cruise missiles grounded when not uploaded to an aircraft. One of the first steps of the prior-to-maintenance checklist is Check to ensure the missile is grounded.

    I don't know how many grounding cables I nearly tripped over in my career... we'd have those things strung all over the place when the maintenance bays were full of cruise missiles awaiting maintenance.
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    Wiser words have never been spoken...
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    Google finds picture of earth strap reel on refueling bowser..

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