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Alg 2 with trig jr yr. Precalculus sr year

  1. Jun 11, 2012 #1
    I struggled in adv alg 2 with trig my jr year. Some of it may have been me not applyling myslef this year. I passed with a C- (77%). How bad is that? And for my senior year im going to take adv precalculus. People say its a review of alg 2. Is that true? I think the thing i struggle with most and math is graphing. And im taking physics next year. Will my low math grade affect my performance in physics. Strangely, my science grades are higher than my math grades. Any advice or thoughts? Thanks.
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    Precal isn't necessarily a review of Algebra II, but it really depends on how deep your teacher dove. Precal is more of an extension of concepts from Algebra II that bridges to calculus (functions, polar coordinates, trig, etc.). To answer your second question, your low grade does will not directly affect your physics grade, but it might indirectly, if you do not know the basic concepts behind the equations that are involved and presented to you in physics. If you think you're capable of doing alright in math classes, you should be fine, since your Precal class will renew and refresh some of those Alg. II concepts near the beginning. Just actually try. Other than that, I can't give you much.
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