Alkaline Alternative to Laundry Detergent?

  1. Super Wash Ball Set of 2 Laundry Cleaners with 1100 Washes

    A link below to a product I haven't seen before....
    I have no connection with this product whatsoever but am considering trying it.

    From the link below:

    I would appreciate comments from a chemical/environmental perspective. Seems from reviews from customers at QVC they do work. Clothing stains apparently must be pretreated with a stain remover. The ceramic balls must be put outside to dry periodically and eliminate any odors. Otherwise, no detergent required!!$uslarge$#divProductDetailsCustomerReviewWrapper

    My comments:

    From the reviews, saves money, always nice.

    Maybe reduce phosphate run off into waste water and oceans?

    Does basic [alkaline] water produced help to balance acid rain??

    Any effect of basic water on clothing longevity...natural versus man made fibers [say cotton, nylon for example]....on wrinkles....??

    Wonder if the 'ceramic' makes noise in washers..especially front loaders.

    Can this eliminate the musty smell in some front loaders [like mine] eliminating the need to 'wash the washer' once a month or so with a special cleaner.

    Soap has some effects on bacterial growth....How does alkaline water compare??
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  3. My wife watched the televised discussion/promotion of the product...they said hydrogen peroxide is produced??
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    Chemical free? So what are they done from, quark-gluon plasma? Neutrinos?

    Word salad.

    Cattle male poo.
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    Or Male Cattle Poo.

    Some areas where the water is 'hard' (it contains a lot of dissolved minerals) require the use of special detergents.

    If you use salt water for washing or showering aboard ship, you need special salt water soap.
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    I wasn't sure whether "male cattle" or "cattle male" is correct. English is my second language, now and then it shows. But you know what I meant.
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    For English, the order is Adjective Noun for prose. In poetry, sometimes this order is reversed.
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    Thanks. My problem was with realizing male is an adjective here, and not a noun.
  9. We have been using the 'wash ball set' for about ten days far so good. They seem to work just fine....If my wife is happy I am happy! Unfortunately she threw out the box the cleaner comes in, so I never got a chance to see what ingredients might have been listed. Turns out the 'set' are used two at a time for every wash, sort of a 'part A and part B', some sort of chemcial activity occurs when they are wetted together. Turns out the porous ball containers are a soft plastic, no noise during wash that we can hear.

    Our front load clothes washer is a model that gets a moldy smell when used with detergents and so has to be run with a cleaner [and no clothes] to eliminate odors about once a month. So far, that odor has been eliminated which is one thing I was hoping for. The laundry room used to get a musty odor toward the end of the monthly cleaning cycle, no more!!

    So while the promotional descriptions stink, our laundry is clean and fresh.
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