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Am i the only one who finds this scary?

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    Why is it scary?
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    if they do build it,something that large? at 140 mph in (possibly choppy) water(s)? i think it would be very difficult to control and would very easily crash. also, the underlying structure could hardly support the whole passenger cabin. if it did, it would be too heavy to be kept afloat by the pontoons.
    anyways, it doesn't make sense to propel in a medium different from the one in which the vehicle is.
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    CGIs do not scare me.
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    remember jar jar binks? snakes on a plane? you scared now?
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    No, not really.
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    A catamaran (which is what this double hull vessel looks like) can slice through rough waves that would toss an ordinary boat out of the water. Look up the US navy X-craft.
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    yes, but something that huge(more than twice the size of present x craft) won't be easy to maneuver. more so, because it is propelled in air , u can't actually reverse the engines to brake or anything. more so, the us navy craft only goes upto 40 knots. speaking of which the gas turbines would be really fuel guzzlers at such low speeds.
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    Wow, that sounds almost like, an airplane!! The only problem I see is that with such speeds it would require a lot better water control than what is already present. Most likely it would only be allowed to use it on wide open oceans for trips between continents.
    Leave that to the engineers, if it don't hold then it wont be produced. If it is produced it will be safe.
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    What happens if it hits a big wave?
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