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An Account of the Fall Of a Meteoric Stone

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    "An Account of the Fall Of a Meteoric Stone..."

    This is a very interesting series of letters followed by a chemical analysis, concerning a meteor that exploded over South Africa in the 1830's.

    I happened to find it when searching for articles by M. Faraday in the archives of the Royal Society, which are now online:
    http://www.journals.royalsoc.ac.uk [Broken]

    It's pdf, but doesn't take too long to load.

    http://www.journals.royalsoc.ac.uk/media/2l5x1hqytpcyxrnntdtx/contributions/w/3/6/9/w36973pk17239923.pdf [Broken]

    It should be of interest in connection with stories of mysterious booms, and the tunguska explosion. I thought the chemical analysis conducted by Faraday was pretty interesting.
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    That's because you have to login.
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    You should be able to get to the article without registering by typing in "meteoric stone hope" in the search box on the main page. That will take you to a page where you will be informed there is no abstract of the article to read, but you have the option of displaying the full text. Click on that, and the pdf will load.
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