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An eigen decomposition problem in programming

  1. Apr 28, 2008 #1
    Hi all:

    I have a covariance matrix which is like:

    0.00166713 -0.00060678 4.60534e-05
    -0.00060678 0.00178576 -0.000244526
    4.60534e-05 -0.000244526 0.000772057

    And then I want to eigen decompose the matrix to obtain the eigenvector matrix. I tried several methods, one is to use the LaEigSolve in the lapack++ library. This gives me the result:

    0.655504 -0.742432 0.138237
    -0.743371 -0.60208 0.291375
    0.133097 0.293759 0.946568

    Then I tried to use svdcmp routine of the Numerical recipe which gives me:

    -0.655504 0.742432 0.138237
    0.743371 0.60208 0.291375
    -0.133097 -0.293759 0.946568

    I also tried to use eig() in matlab which gives me:

    -0.6555 0.7424 0.1383
    0.7434 0.6021 0.2914
    -0.1331 -0.2938 0.9465

    By using pcacov(), the result is:

    -0.6555 -0.7424 0.1383
    0.7434 -0.6021 0.2914
    -0.1331 0.2938 0.9465

    Actually, I am writing a program of Pinciple Component Analysis in C++. But I don't really know which one is reliable and correct. The pcacov() seems to give me the correct result but I really don't understand why it's different from the others.

    Can anyone help me with it please?

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  3. Apr 28, 2008 #2
    reconstruct the original matrix let say Ahat by using your decomposed matrices, and compute the norm of |A-Ahat|. Then decide for yourself. Do this in a for loop for a couple of hundred matrices of course...
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