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Andromeda vs Milky Way dust emissions

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    As many are aware, the announced detection of primordial gravity waves by BICEP 2 was heavily criticized based on dust emission modeling. Today, Planck XXV was released which mapped out the dust emissions of Andromeda. Assuming Andromeda is representative of the Milky Way in most relevant ways, the obvious question is does Planck XXV affirm, cast further doubt upon, or is irrelevant to BICEP 2 dust modeling? I was perhaps naively disappointed this was never mentioned in the paper. The paper of interest is http://arxiv.org/abs/1407.5452,
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    Seems like the paper would be mostly irrelevant; considering the controversy was about the BICEP teams handing of foreground B-modes and the data (or lack thereof) they used. Using Andromeda's data set to calculate foreground tensor perturbations might not be any better than the incomplete set they used I would assume. Full Planck results come out in October right? Only a second verification by another group, or an in-depth reanalysis with a full data set would squash this discussion one way or another.

    What if it all turns out to be an E-mode coupling issue. :tongue2:

    Anyway, GR still confuses the hell out of me, mostly.
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