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WMAP tend to coincide with radio emissions from the Milky Way

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    Have these papers been discused.
    High Galactic Latitude Interstellar Neutral Hydrogen Structure and Associated (WMAP) High Frequency Continuum Emission
    Authors: Gerrit L. Verschuur
    (Submitted on 9 Apr 2007 (v1), last revised 23 Jul 2007 (this version, v2))

    Tiny temperature variations found in maps of the cosmic microwave background are commonly thought to be proof that stars, galaxies and other large-scale structures grew from density perturbations in the early universe. But one physicist in the US is controversially claiming that these observed variations are in fact caused by hydrogen atoms in our own galaxy. If he is right, cosmologists will have to drastically rethink their models of the universe’s evolution.
    Gerrit Verschuur, a physicist from the University of Memphis in the US, disagrees. He has noticed that the temperature variations recorded by WMAP tend to coincide with radio emissions from neutral hydrogen in the Milky Way. In other words, the fluctuations may not be part of the CMB at all (Astro. J. in publication; preprint available at arXiv.org:0704.1125v2).

    On the Critical Ionization Velocity Effect in Interstellar Space and Possible Detection of Related Continuum Emission
    Authors: Gerrit L. Verschuur
    (Submitted on 23 Apr 2007)
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    An interesting paper, but also read this discussion in the CosmoCoffee forum , which concluded with this post by Richard Lieu (University of Alabama, Huntsville, Position: Professor of Physics,
    Research Interests:clusters of galaxies & cosmology):
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    For a laugh, you could also read v1 of the Verschuur paper (I think it's still available on arXiv), it contains some real howlers ...
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