Ann Richards (former Gov of Texas) dies at 73

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In summary, Ann Richards, a powerful and influential Texas politician, died Wednesday after a long battle with esophageal cancer. She was a major figure in the Democratic Party during the late 1980s and 1990s and is remembered for her outspoken feminism, civil rights activism, and strong speaking skills.
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Ann W. Richards, the silver-haired Texas activist who galvanized the 1988 Democratic National Convention with her tart keynote speech and was the state’s 45th governor until upset in 1994 by an underestimated challenger named George W. Bush, died Wednesday at her home in Austin. She was 73.

Ms. Richard died, surrounded by her four children, of complications from the esophageal cancer, the Associated Press reported.

Ms. Richards was the most recent and one of the most effective in a long-line of Lone Star State progressives who vied for control of Texas in the days when it was largely a one-party Democratic enclave, a champion of civil rights, gay rights and feminism. Her defeat by the future president was one of the chief markers of the end of generations of Democratic dominance in Texas.
NY Times, Sept 14, 2006
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They had a great piece on Democracy Now of her speaking.

Forward to about 20:00
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Farewell, Ann..
you were one of a kind.
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Wow! How did you know where to find that photo?
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Actually, I couldn't find the picture I was looking for. Some years back she was on a magazine cover -- I think it may have been Texas Monthly. The caption was "White Hot Mama" and there was a picture of Ann wearing a white leather motorcycle outfit. She looked terrific, and it was an absolutely stunning picture. That's how I always think of her.
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...uhhhh...then I won't tell you what she admitted to.:rolleyes:
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"'Poor George.he can't help it - he was born with a silver foot in his mouth.' - Ann...:smile:

Related to Ann Richards (former Gov of Texas) dies at 73

1. Who was Ann Richards?

Ann Richards was the 45th Governor of Texas, serving from 1991 to 1995. She was the second female governor of Texas and was known for her progressive policies and strong personality.

2. When did Ann Richards die?

Ann Richards passed away on September 13, 2006 at the age of 73.

3. What was the cause of Ann Richards' death?

Ann Richards died from esophageal cancer, which she was diagnosed with in March 2006.

4. What were some of Ann Richards' accomplishments as governor?

During her term as governor, Ann Richards focused on education reform, environmental protection, and economic development. She also appointed more women and minorities to government positions than any other governor before her.

5. How is Ann Richards remembered today?

Ann Richards is remembered as a trailblazing leader and a fierce advocate for women's rights and social justice. She continues to inspire and influence politicians and activists today.

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