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Another one of those Should I transfer questions

  1. Aug 12, 2011 #1
    Another one of those "Should I transfer" questions

    Hi everybody,

    I am currently enrolled in my third year at Ryerson University's medical physics program and due to some unfortunate set backs my plan on graduating on time are gone in smoke. These set backs were caused by failing one course and dropping another in my previous year which then came to haunt me during my third year course selection. Since I do not have these crucial credits, I cannot enroll in certain courses (such as nuclear physics/radiation protection) within my third year, which will ultimately delay my graduation. I have spoken to my department in the previous year (after dropping/failing) multiple times to figure out a solution so that I can catch up resulting with no solution in the end. I would also like to note that these two courses that I am missing are only offered during the fall term and no other time.

    Now entering the new year I tried negotiating with the department to allow me to retake the courses that I need and take the respective third year courses (i.e. nuclear physics/radiation protection). Due to multiple course conflicts, this has become extremely difficult. With all this negative feedback, I have somewhat begun to analyze the benefits of continuing at the university I am currently enrolled in and comparing it to what other universities have to offer in order to get the most out of my education. I have done some research and found that other universities within my area (Toronto, Canada) have better structured physics programs that contain courses that will benefit me if in the case I do decide to pursue graduate school.

    At this point, I don't mind which path I take, I really don't mind staying for an extra year at the university I am enrolled in, but what really worries me is that will I regret my decision of staying knowing that there is a better university that suits my needs. I am also aware that if I were to switch, I would basically be starting from the beginning.

    So, what I am basically asking is if you were in my position, would you stick it out or would you transfer and start all over.

    Also, as another side note that complicated things to another extent, I enrolled in my program in the school year of 2009/2010 and during that calendar year, the course description database did not list these two courses that I am missing as a requirement for my nuclear physics/radiation protection course, only first year physics was required at that time. Now entering the 2011/2012 school year, the calendar has changed to include the courses that I am missing as prerequisites for these courses. Should I try to appeal this fact and use this to my advantage to stay in the program that I am in?

    If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I really appreciate the time you have taken and any suggestions/comments you may have. (sorry for the length)

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  3. Aug 12, 2011 #2
    Re: Another one of those "Should I transfer" questions

    It would be EXTREMELY difficult to switch to another university in your situation. Universities look at your transcripts when deciding to accept a transfer student. The fact that you have one failed course would most likely be a huge no-no in the eyes of the admissions comittee. You wouldn't be able to just say 'I don't care about my previous grades, I want to start from scratch'. It doesn't work that way; your previous academic history would be called into question and only under very special circumstances may you be able to qualify for an appeal to those grades.
  4. Aug 12, 2011 #3
    Re: Another one of those "Should I transfer" questions

    Can't you re-take the course you failed and have the grade replaced? That would only set you back a semester at most right? If the worst case scenario is that you need to stay on for two more years, what's the downside? Is it a money issue?
  5. Aug 12, 2011 #4
    Re: Another one of those "Should I transfer" questions

    I would just stay given what you told us. But I would talk to an adviser also if you are seriously considering transferring.
  6. Aug 12, 2011 #5
    Re: Another one of those "Should I transfer" questions

    I plan on retaking the course i failed and hopefully pull up my Gpa to 3.0 from 2.6 in one semester (this fall) before sending my application. In the case that my gpa were to reach 3.0 before sending my application, do you think that I would have a better chance. As for speaking to an accedemic advisor, I plan on speaking to one when the fall semester starts.

    I do realize that my grades will come in to question when transferring, but what would increase my chances if I were to transfer (i.e research experience). As for about being a semester or a whole year late, my program has a two term thesis course during 4th year and I have to be in 4th year to take it.
  7. Aug 12, 2011 #6
    Re: Another one of those "Should I transfer" questions

    I really doubt it, they aren't going to look at your current grades, they're going to look at everything overall.

    Here's some things I found from the UofT website:

    I wouldn't classify 3.0 as strong, but that's just me, especially if you're currently below that.


    Look at that link.

    Email the admissions people at UofT before you even think about filling out an application. I know here at Western the minimum OVERALL average to be considered for transfer is B- or 70%, not just in the most recent year. On the OMSAS grading scale that's a 2.70 GPA. You're currently below that and there's no guarantee you'll be able to bring it up to a 3.00, even if you do they may consider your application but on further review of your academic history they might turn you down based on that history.

    Also, you would definitely have to start out again in 1st-2nd year, since a max of 4.0 transfer credits are accepted when transferring to UofT, and while I didn't see what the minimum cutoff was for accepting a credit, at UWO it's a C, or 1.70 GPA.

    They wont care about research experience either if you're transferring for undergrad.
  8. Aug 14, 2011 #7
    Re: Another one of those "Should I transfer" questions

    Transferring to U of T would be nice, but I know competition would be extremely high. I was leaning towards York University who has a 3 year Bachelors program in Physics which requires a minimum of a 2.0 GPA to be considered when transferring. I plan on switching to the honours program after my first year, I would probably have a higher chance of getting in that way. Also, would one failed course really look that bad?
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