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ANSYS: How to interpret this remote force on a spiral disk?

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    Hi! 1.png

    I am new to ANSYS and I am trying to understand a simulation done by some one else.
    I have a disk with a spiral in it, and it looks like there is a remote force being applied at the centre of the disk, but spread over the entire face.
    I don't understand how this force is being spread over the entire face of the disk because the edge is bolted down, and only the centre can go to full travel.
    Basically, I need to know if the force is truly a load acting over the entire face of the disk, or if it is just acting at the centre and pulling the inner diameter face with it.

    I have attached a picture of the force on the disk.

    Any help is appreciated,
    Thank you!

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    can u explain which set of holes are bolted/fixed (the inner 6 in number or outer 12 in number)

    Case one: outer fixed, in that case it will behave like a diaphragm. Edges being fixed, your central areas would displace.Although force acts on the whole surface, your deformation will change radially. It will be max at center and min (zero) at edges.

    Case 2: Inner bolts fixed. In this case again your deformation will be radial. But you will have max deformation at periphery/edges and min(zero) at center

    try making the same geometry without the spirals, replicate everything else and see what results you get. It will help you imagine better
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    Yes I understand ! Thank you!
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