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Anti-nuclear Fukushima Pseudoscience Debunked!

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    An investigation of "studies" by the lifelong anti-nuclear activist Joseph Mangano proves they're bunk


    See also a recent Popular Mechanics smack down of Magano' pseudoscience.

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    jim hardy

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    Thanks for that link.

    people of the lie - the woods are full of them.
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    Agreed! The issue of junk science gaining traction via social media and celebs is extremely troubling.
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    As well, the video cited shows how a local California ABC TV station was duped by a bogus "study" Mangano had published by a vanity publisher. So even folks who should be higher up in the BS-vetting process get duped into spreading junk-science memes.
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    Unfortunately, when it comes to science, there is no "BS-vetting process" for most people, news organizations, political organizations, etc.
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