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Antisocial, survivalist goat been on her own for 9 years!

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    9 years ago, farmer Tor Grønningen brought home to she-goats, a mum and a wilful daughter on his pickup.
    The first thing the daughter goat did when he opened up the pickup, was to run off into the wilds.
    And there, she has stayed, only occasionally neaking down in summertime to snatch some grassy goodies at the farmland.

    She doesn't want company either with other goats or humans, but as the picture shows, she is thriving just fine, with a thick rag to protect her against the winter cold:
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    She does look like she needs a spa day.
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    My word! What did goats do with themselves before they invented mankind? Imagine, an animal living in the wild. It's unheard of.
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    I don't get it. What's newsworthy about a stroppy daughter who doesn't want to live with mom any more?
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