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Any benefits of uncertaintity?

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    I was just wondering that thought we ( I mean scientists :tongue2: ) are working to try to find a way out of uncertainty, is there any field, or say any particular case where uncertainty is useful. I have heard about ZPE and Domain walls and true & false vacuum ( though I don't have and detailed idea about any of them ) and they all require fluctuations, also quantum tunneling. So if we find certainty the ZPE won't be there or and may be some other things ( I don't know exactly what though ) And it will conflict with some physical laws.
    So, is uncertainty a certain necessity or just unnecessary uncertainty.
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    Uncertainty is a certainty. As in, it's what fits experimental observation - and quantum theory which is built around it, has had a spectacular success at predicting new phenomena as well.

    It's a necessity to explain quantum behavior. All of it. While quantum theory is probably not the final theory of everything, it will continue to be an observed phenomena.
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    quantum computing...
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