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Any easy way to find the values of fractions?

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    For example..without a calculator is there any easy way to find the value of [itex]\frac{1}{19}[/itex] or any fraction in which the denominator ends in a '9' ?
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    Not that I know of. If the denominator is a divisor of a number of the form 99...900..0 then there is an easy way. For example:
    7/33 = 21/99 = 0.21212121...
    2/55 = 36/990 = 0.036363636...
    8/3700 = 216/99900 = 0.00216216216...
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    The value of 1/19 is...1/19.
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    To find the decimal representation of a fraction, I find long division to be pretty fast and easy...
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