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Any reason why we shouldn't be subjectively immortal?

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    1. You can't think if you're dead.
    2. Therefore you'll never think you're dead (and be right about it)
    3. Therefore the subjective experience we will all have is that we never die. ("afterlife" is not death, just more life)

    As time goes on, we will always find that we're still alive - because there's no alternative. That seems encouraging to me. Am I missing anything?

    Of course other people might see us die and we might actually die, but the subjective is the only thing that matters.
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    Any reason why our/my subjective experience should be repeated? Would it still be 'me'?
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    What ? You're going to never die twice ?
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    What do you mean about it being repeated? Maybe you mean afterlife? I don't think there is one but even if there was it wouldn't be a restart. It would be a continuation subjectively.
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