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Anyone good with English? Need help with personal statement.

  1. Jan 31, 2007 #1
    My English is poor and I need someone to look over my personal statement. I'm planning to transfer colleges so I can get into a program with civil and environmental engineering =).

    If you could PM me or give me contact info that would be nice.

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    if this example is indicative, your english is fine. besides it is better if your statement sounds like you and not someone else. for this last reason i will not review your statement.
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    I would agree to help you but unless you plan to write something more in-depth and complicated than the english you have presented, mathwonk is correct in saying that your english is fine. I tutor english occasionally when I am in the english department, so I have some slight experience.

    However, if you really need help, I will be glad to help.
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    I just need help with a few rules and grammar questions :).

    Like how do I show grades in essays? Should classes/courses be capitalized or uncapitalized?

    An example:
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    That seems fine, but why are you talking about specific classes in your *personal statement*? Does it ask that?

    I'll be glad to review your statement when you're done.
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    can you help me?

    I am a Slovak student applying for a university in UK. I am not sure if my personal statement is right, well-written. It would be great if someone helped me. Is there anybody?
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