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Anyone have experience with geta (Japanese footwear)?

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    For those who don't know, here's the Wiki on geta:


    I was thinking about buying some for the sake of my feet. I stand all day at work and it's taking quite a toll on me. I've tried the various inserts for my sneakers and their mats, but they don't help at all. So you might be wondering why I'd go with wooden sandals. I had a similar experience with chairs. After many different kinds of foam and cushioned chairs, I tried a wooden chair and that has been the most comfortable for me. I suppose the same situation might be the case with my feet.

    I was wondering if there was a realistic way of quieting the clacking noise. Any ideas before I order them?
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    Have you tried on Skecher Shape-Ups? They have a rocker sole that helps minimize heel-strike. I have had a pair for just over a week and have gotten great relief from plantar fascitis. I had spent many years on my feet on concrete (mill-work) and it took a heavy toll on my feet. I tried these after a neighbor with similar foot problems bought some shoes with rocker soles, and then bought a pair of work-boots and a pair of dress shoes with the same style soles. He's working in the same paper mill that I used to work in, and has had to deal with a lot of foot pain until he found shoes and boots with rocker soles. After seeing how much my foot pain had improved, my wife bought a pair of Shape-Ups, too. She stands on concrete floors all day (making shoes).
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    That's funny. When I wore them, I tried as hard as I could to make the clacking sound, but could not. I find it a pleasant sound. Why do you want to quiet it?
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    Seems to me like your feet would absorb the vibration from stepping and the wood wouldn't make much of a sound.
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    They are made of wood and clack on the sidewalk or street. I went to a spa with my colleagues in Japan. It was a two day binge. The idea is to get so drunk that you tell your boss all the things that have been bothering you in the past year. After a sumptuous dinner and a dip in the spa, we all went out for a midnight bowl of soup at a nearby ramen stand. All of us were decked out in light robes, clickety clacking our way along except for the foreigner who couldn't get the hang of it.
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    Okay, I'll see if one of the stores here have them. Thank you.

    So as to not disturb my coworkers.
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    Uh, turbo-1, would you say those shoes are good for standing all day rather than walking/running? I'm basically in one place for eight to ten hours a day.
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    You are very welcome. The shoes feel a bit odd when you're standing, so walk around the shoe store and see what your normal stride feels like with these soles. I liked it right away, and I wore them home. My plantar fascitis pain began to relieve within a couple of days. My calves got a little warm for the first week, which is not a bad sign - it's a sign that they have been getting a bit more of a work-out than normal, and that's good. When I walk my dog (he is compact, but very powerful) he sometimes pulls on the lead when he is excited and the Shape-Ups help minimize heel-strike. They also make my feet feel better when I'm walking on steep down-slopes. All good.
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