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Anyone in Lebanon, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cyprus, little help please

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    Hi I am looking for email addresses of employment agencies in these countries: Lebanon, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cyprus. I am having trouble finding them on google. (ie. I type in "lebanon employment agencies" and I get newspaper job listings in a city called lebanon in the U.S.) I am hoping if somone who in these countries could give me a website like perhaps a "minstry or department of labour" or equivalent website which may contain a listing of many career/employment agencies and their email addresses so I can contact them. You might have better access to that information than I do and would appreciate a little help getting pointed in that direction. Thank you.
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    In that case, they would be in a different language and would end in .hk or something like that. And those ministries would be mainly for citizens rather than foreigners.

    Just search Hong Kong jobs on Google, the sites that showed up were actual Hong Kong businesses.
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    Are you talking about empoyment in general?

    Or something more specific?

    And Taiwan ---> Cyprus!!! That's a lot of ground to cover in a job search!!
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