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Anyone in san francisco willing to help?

  1. Jul 10, 2006 #1
    sorry if this kind of post is frowned upon, but i'm desperately seeking someone to help me out with a creative project i'm working on.

    i'm creating/writing a science fiction television series and i'd love for my creation to actually hold water in a possible not too distant future, but my knowledge of astrophysics and astronomy are remedial at best.

    is there anyone out there living in or near san francisco that would be willing to be a sort of consultant, helping me determine the realities of my future world?

    i can't really offer any pay (if the series becomes anything, you'll most definitely be rewarded for your work), but i can cite you as a consultant in all versions of the script. also, i'm sure it will be quite a fun process, collaborating on this idea of a future world.

    knowledge of the planet mars would also be highly advantageous, since most of the story takes place there.

    i promise i won't be tooooo demanding.

    anyone willing to help, please email me:

    catsonearth (at) gmail (dot) com
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    I live in San Francisco. But if you simply post your questions here, people from all over the world will help you get your science right. And for free!!
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