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Anyone know of a good QF doco?

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    Hello everyone.

    Can anyone recommend a good documentary, lecture footage, video or online sources of any description, that explains areas of Quantum Physics to more than a brief description?

    Just incase anyone was intending to put up the movie/doco "What the Bleep do we know?". Please do not! That is nothing but a pseudo-scientific attempt to give creditation to New Age garbage.
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    What background in math and physics do you already have?
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    I guess, to answer your question, not studied Math or Physics at university. Umm, Math 1 & 2 at high school level. (Dont know if that means anything to you as I live in Australia). Highest math possible at school level (which I completed 7 years ago), so yeah I'm no math genius at all. Umm with Physics, I have never studied it at university, but for the last 8 years I've been researching of Physics subjects in my own time for my own interested, listening to online lectures, reading lots of physics articles, etc etc. I know QF has alot to do with Math, however what I'd be after would be maybe a lesser 'Math' explanation, but more conceptual. (if that makes sense to you?).

    I've kinda searched the net already and nothing much jumps up at me. Which is why I thought I'd post in here :-)
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    I think if you want to learn the subject you should better stay away from TV documentaries. Usually, their goal is not to teach you, but to inspire awe and scare you with complexities and paradoxes. The best way of learning invented by mankind is a University course in quantum mechanics. The next best thing is a textbook. If you prefer to watch something on the screen, then check YouTube. I heard that UC Berkeley began to put on YouTube videos of their lecture courses: http://youtube.com/ucberkeley Perhaps, you can find lectures on quantum physics there. You can also find YouTube videos of brilliant Feynman's lectures on quantum mechanics and QED. Sorry, I don't have URLs for those.

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    "Quantum Physics made relatively simple" - Three lectures by Hans Bethe

    Hans Bethe was a German-American physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1967 for his work on the theory of stellar nucleosynthesis.

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    Quantam Physics Online Documentaries & Lectures

    This forum is nice. Here's my 2-cents:

    I found a good site for science lectures and docs at a site called 'davedubTV'. (?!)
    --> davedub.net/tv

    They have nice full-length documentaries & lectures, not just short clips - so I quite enjoy it.

    Hope this helps!
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