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Anyone know where i can buy a solutions manuel? (Fundamentals of Physics)

  1. Jul 4, 2006 #1
    Hello, i'm currently reading this book called Fundamentals of Physics - A Senior Course, Authors: David G. Martindale, Robert W. Heath, Philip C. Eastman. D.C. Health Canada Ltd. Made in 1986. I think this is the first eddition. I know they have the Fundamentals of Physics Extended(7th) solutions manuel, but i don't think they are the same questions. And now i'm stuck on some of these questions in the book, and i can't figure it out. SO if anyone know where i can get some solutions to these problems it would be a great help to me, and THANK YOU.
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    You could try posting in the homework help forums if nobody comes up with a source for the book. I personally don't know of any.
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