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Architect? What does it take to be one?

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    Does it takes only artistic skills? No architectural mechanics needed because those work will be done by others?

    I mean, how could anyone possibly design a skyscraper alone, considering the terabytes of information one have to process, plumbing, electricity, electronics, mechanics, elevators, mechanics of the hoisting rope of the elevators...how does stuff work out?
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    Before I get reamed for this by an architect, I must say that this is purely speculation and that I have no experience in the field of architecture, so take this lightly. But I believe that this is the general procedure.

    Architects propose (by means of a drawing) the aesthetics of a building to a team of engineers who basically have the final say on the final design based on specific guidelines. If, for example; an architect proposes a design for a tall skyscraper and suggests a certain width for the top portion of the building. Engineers will then model this design in wind tunnels to see how the structure behaves, and make adjustments based on their observations.
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    Likewise, for me too.

    I'm pretty sure this has never been done, for the reasons you mention. Designing a skyscraper (or any big building) is the work of a team of architects, engineers, and construction people. The one producing the first sketches of the overall 'design' isn't likely the same one who sizes the elevator ropes.
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