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Are ForceFields a possibility?

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    Hey I'm new here although not to the site and I've seen some of the threads and thought I'd start with a question of my own. Are Forcefields a possibility? Especially with using zero point energy or Gravitoelectromagnetism. Theoretically creating a gravitomagnetic zero point energy field could work. Although consuming large amounts of power you could easily combat with using either an antimatter fuel source or the theoretical controversial energy source known as Quantum energy. So to recap my question is this a possibility and has anyone worked in this field of physics before?
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    Welcome to PF!

    I think you're referring to speculative physics. The current understanding is that there a four fundamental forces gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force. Of those four only the electromagnetic might be used to construct a force field but it wouldnt repel everything and certainly wouldn't work like the ones described in science fiction today.

    Perhaps this talk will help:


    Other than that speculative physics topics aren't discussed on this forum and this thread will probably be locked or deleted if we continue to talk about it.
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    Welcome to PF;
    Force fields are a reality - eg: gravity.

    That would involved shaped Casimir effect to get energy densities less than zero.

    "easily" use antimatter as fuel?
    "controversial" energy source known as "Quantum energy"?
    I suspect you have been exposed to some pseudoscience there.

    "could work"?
    What are you thinking of? The SF-style deflector shields - a kind of invisible wall in space?

    I'm pretty sure Michio Kaku has explored the concept of physically building an SF deflector shield if that's what you have i mind.
    Otherwise you will have to be more clear.
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    Closed, pending moderation.

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