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Are Galaxies the Same Age if they are the Same Distance From Us?

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    Do we assume that all galaxies which are equidistant from Earth are approximately the same age? Or are there galaxies at roughly the same distance from earth but which vary greatly in age?

    Are we aware of any galaxies which are significantly younger than the Milky way?
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    As I understand it, the Milky Way is quite old and there are many younger galaxies. Distance from us is utterly irrelevant.
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    The estimated age of the Milky Way is about 13.2 billion years, making it nearly as old as the universe [13.7 billion years]. Distant galaxies are seen as they appeared in the past, so, for example, a galaxy 1 billion light years distant had to be less than 12.7 billion years old when its photons departed. It is currently believed 500 million years is about as soon after the BB that galaxies could have formed, meaning the MW is among the most ancient galaxies in the universe.
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    Thanks. That's exactly the type of thing I was wondering about.
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