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  1. mister i

    B Does the age of the Universe differ for observers in expanding space?

    The age of the universe is said to be about 13.8 billion years. But, since time depends on the observer, would it be the same for a possible inhabitant of a planet in a galaxy about 10,000 million light years away that is separating from us at 60% of the speed of light?
  2. E

    I Could the Universe Be Much Older Than 13.8 Billion Years?

    We think the age of universe is 13.8 billion years old . I think we are wrong. Let’s pretend we can go outside of our observable universe. Also, let’s say we can go so far out that we do not even see a spec of light from our universe. We see nothing at all, total darkness. When they finally do...
  3. P

    B What does the term "age" mean in descriptions of the twin paradox?

    In other words: Does a reference system, in the relationship between the displays of its synchronised clocks, have a specific property that is independent of any reference system? Is this particular relation of events in the form of displays of spatially distant clocks at rest the same from the...
  4. Mordred

    I James Webb telescope calibration

    I understand that many of the extreme distance objects were incorrectly calibrated for their distance and subsequent age. I have been trying to track down the related articles detailing the error with the applicable mathematics. If anyone knows where I can get the related calibration papers it...
  5. Astronuc

    RIP Lucile Randon, world's oldest person, has died at age 118 years

    Lucile Randon, known as Sister André, has died a few weeks before her 119th birthday. https://www.npr.org/2023/01/18/1149748001/world-oldest-person-sister-andre-lucile-randon-france-nun What stories she could tell!
  6. KobiashiBooBoo

    B Age of Universe: Big Bang, Braneworlds & Perspective

    Although I understand that time does not exist prior to the big bang, it's still a difficult concept that the universe - the sum of all that is and ever will be - has a beginnnig and therefore an "age." While we could say that time as a dimension began at the big bang, and it was meaningless...
  7. Astronuc

    How to Spot Pseudoscience in an Age of Conspiracy Theories

  8. fluidistic

    What are ways to learn/play with electricity at 6 years of age?

    I would like to let my 6 years old son play and learn about electricity or electronics. I have searched on the Internet and what comes out are mostly kits with an arduino or a clone, which are very interesting but not exactly what I'm looking for. I have seen a kit that teaches about electricity...
  9. M

    Potential for progression at now age 70

    Hi. At age 70 having retired and now having time to study I am just completing my first-year physics degree at the open university with good results. It is I think healthy and good to have an ongoing ambition, mine to get a job with the ESA before I am 80, maybe but clearly optimistically to be...
  10. Buzz Bloom

    I I have an error in integrating to calculate the age of the Universe

    NOTE: I am attempting to convey the equations in this post into LaTerX format in Post #19. My result is way off. It is about 7.44 x 10^9 years. The values I use are: 1/H_0 = 14.4 X 10^9 years, M = Ω_m = 0.3103, and L = Ω_Λ = 1 - Ω_m = 0.6897. The equation I start with is the following. dt =...
  11. Buzz Bloom

    I Seeking reference for math related to the age of Recombination

    The Wikipedia references is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recombination_(cosmology). It says: Recombination occurred about 370,000 years after the Big Bang (at a redshift of z = 1100), and the cosmic background radiation is infrared [and some red] black-body radiation emitted when the universe...
  12. .Scott

    Species Age limit tied to 3200 lifetime genetic mutations

    It is reported that todays issue of Nature Magazine includes an article reporting a correlation between typical total life time gene mutations and typical life span in a variety of species. I do not subscribe to that magazine and have not it or its abstract on the web. But ... in an article...
  13. Buzz Bloom

    I An odd result from integrating to calculate the age of the Universe

    The integration tool I am using is https://www.symbolab.com/solver/definite-integral-calculator . The following are the values of the five variables in the Friedmann equation with references of sources. I have also defined single letter variables I used for convenience...
  14. StevieTNZ

    Betty White RIP - Golden Girls & Hot in Cleveland Star Dead at 99

    https://people.com/tv/betty-white-the-golden-girls-and-hot-in-cleveland-star-dead-at-99/ May she RIP. Poor soul, and she was so close to turning 100 and in good spirits about it. :(
  15. F

    Can current gene editing technologies reverse age related mutations?

    How can current gene editing technologies like Prime Editing can be used to reverse all age related mutations that negatively affect some type of cell like neurons?. According to this article (you need to click on the "toggle reader view" button in firefox in order to read it without registering...
  16. Jarvis323

    Data Sources for Vaccination and Covid-19 cases by Age

    Is there an up to data source of data on the number of vaccines administered in the US by age and sex? And similarly is there up to date information on the number of Covid-19 cases by age and sex, as well as number of adverse events from Covid-19 infection?
  17. harpazo

    Two Age Word Problems: Solving for Current Age and Future Age

    Last two practice age word problems for today. More tomorrow for sure. 1. Ten years from now, Orlando will be three times older than he is today. What is his current age? Let x = Orlando's current age. Let x + 10 = Orlando's age 10 years from now. x + 10 = 3x 10 = 3x - x 10 = 2x 10/2 = x...
  18. harpazo

    Age Word Problem Involving Ratio

    The ages of Abraham and Adam are in the ratio 5 : 7. Four years from now, the ratio of their ages will be 3 : 4. Find the present ages of them. I never saw an age problem involving a ratio but let's see. Abraham to Adam = 5 : 7 Let x = present age of Abraham and Adam. Age of Abraham = 5x...
  19. Astronuc

    Earthquakes during the Bronze Age -- A contributor to the Collapse?

    My wife was listening to a program on Youtube that was discussing the collapse during the late Bronze Age. I caught part of it when the narrator was discussing a series of large earthquakes in the region (Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean). The narrator also mentioned an 'earthquake...
  20. K

    Could someone age without any chronic disease?

    Could someone age and get old without any chronic disease, even the most common diseases like diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure, etc... not including hair loss, presbyopia, or any disease that is temporary and can heal completely Is it possible to achieve this by change in lifestyle...
  21. davenn

    Chuck Geschke, founder of Adobe and developer of PDFs, dies at age 81

    https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/apr/17/founder-of-adobe-and-developer-of-pdfs-dies-at-age/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Geschke
  22. A

    Do relativistic effects make the age of the universe moot?

    How can we know the age of the universe, with time dilation due to the mass and velocity of matter which condensed after the big bang. If time passes at different speeds depending where it is perceived, does this not make the age of the universe somewhat moot.
  23. C

    B Conflict Between Time Dilation and Red/Blue Shift?

    Experiment 1: Astronaut travels away from Earth at near the speed of light, then travels toward the Earth at near the speed of light. Einstein tells us she barely aged, but red shift/blue shift don't seem to agree with that. While traveling away, both Earth and astronaut observe each other...
  24. BillTre

    Bronze Age or Iron Age? Age of Nebra Sky Disk is disputed

    The age of the Nebra (from Germany) Sky Disk (claimed to be the oldest known representation of the heavens) is in dispute. It was found in the black market, so provenance is unclear. NY Times article here.
  25. k1120

    Python code to calculate the age of the Universe using the Hubble constant

    honestly just need some help here i understand the physics just not how to code it or the syntax of python
  26. A

    Physics Beginning Physics Studies at Age 39: Is it Nuts?

    From a cursory glance, this seems to be a commonly posed question. While, I do apologize for what may be duplication, I hope people will keep in mind that as each individual's circumstances are unique, so may the opinions & answers they engender. I am considering going back to university to...
  27. Astronuc

    Clair Patterson, Measuring Earth's Age, Discovery of Pb contamination

    I came across a story of Clair Patterson, who investigated the age of the Earth through isotopic analysis of lead in uranium, which evolved into a study of lead in the environment and the discoveries of widespread lead contamination and scientific misconduct on the part of various persons...
  28. iVenky

    I What are the statistics of probability of dying today vs age?

    I don't intend to sound macabre, but I was having this thought if I have to quantify the probability of someone dying given his age (in days) how would I go about quantifying that with a minimal accuracy (ok if it's not accurate but I just need some number with days). Has anyone ever worked out...
  29. RandyD123

    B Bob & Ted See Different Ages for Alice on Earth

    Bob, Alice and Ted are all on earth. Bob leaves Earth traveling at .08 light speed for 6 months out then turns around and heads back to earth. Effectively he has been traveling for a total of 1 light year. Ted leaves Earth at the same time as Bob but only travels at .04 the speed of light for 3...
  30. O

    Will humans be able to live up to 120 years of age?

    <mentor note: moved to General Discussion> Will humans be able to live up to 120 years of age? I mean one day in the future will some scientific advancement allow most if not all of us to live till ~120 in decent health? Disregarding things such as accidents, viruses such as Covid. Thanks
  31. J

    I Does gravity affect aging on different planets?

    Hello, I thought that it was easy to calculate the difference of aging on different planets, just by knowing the difference of gravity between them. But it is not so easy... I will also consider that the difference of gravity will not reduce our age because of other reasons (on muscles, on...
  32. hackedagainanda

    Algebra: Age word problem/Linear equation

    I haven't gotten to multiple variables yet in algebra, but I tried to solve it this way. x - 12 = 3y -72 with y = - 12 + x Then I multiply 3x - 36 -72 = 3x -108 Next step is +108 to both sides to get 3x= 108, and then x = 36 So she was 36 72 years ago and is 96 now. The math seems to...
  33. P

    I Do more impact craters always signify old age of a surface?

    I've learned that the surfaces of places like the moon and the surfaces on Mars corresponding to the Noachian period signify relatively old surfaces because weathering and erosion tend to make those cratered surfaces smooth. However, I heard a professor mention that this is also true for icy...
  34. mike_the_tosh

    Mature Age Student entering Uni - Maths Question

    Hi all, First time posting. Thanks in Advance for the guidance provided. I am entering Uni to change careers. I have worked in IT and Software development industry for 20+ years. I have a desire to enter into Engineering - Electronics. I am enrolled to undertake a Engineering Sciences degree...
  35. C

    MHB What is the probability that exactly 8 of them are over the age of 65

    2) The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reported that 53% of people who had coronary bypass surgery in 2008 were over the age of 65. Fifteen coronary bypass patients are sampled. a) What is the probability that exactly 8 of them are over the age of 65? b) P (less than 10 are over...
  36. .Scott

    COVID COVID ARDS Diagnostic Tool - Age is not best indicator. N=53

    An article published Monday in "Computers, Materials, & Continua" identifies leading indicators of which patients will go on to develop ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome). From the abstract: Among the features identified as possible indicators: A pdf of the full article can be...
  37. Zeno Ether

    I Understanding the Age of the Universe

    I'm quoting from Wikipedia the article about GN-z11 (the oldest and most distant known galaxy): "At first glance, the distance of 32 billion light-years (9.8 billion parsecs) might seem impossibly far away in a Universe that is only 13.8 billion (short scale) years old, where a light-year is the...
  38. jedishrfu

    Famed Hollywood Actor Kirk Douglas has Died at Age 103

    Famed Hollywood Actor Kirk Douglas has Died at Age 103 https://www.tmz.com/2020/02/05/kirk-douglas-dead-dies-103/ and on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirk_Douglas My recollections of him are in the movie: The Vikings with Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh (epic yarn of Vikings and...
  39. TechieDork

    Physics Does the age of quantum computing mean a brighter future for physicists?

    The arrival of quantum computing reminds me of "the manhattan project" and "the sputnik alert" when physicists are highly demanded. And this makes me wonder if the age of quantum computing means the better future for physicists since the development of quantum computers needs at least...
  40. bhobba

    Is Lowering School Starting Age To 3 A Good Idea

    Over in Scotland you can start prep school at 3 (even younger at some private schools). There is a bit of discussion out here in Aus, due to profiteering in day care centers and the belief it lays a better foundation, that the government lowers school starting age, like Scotland, to 3...
  41. S

    Concerns regarding the ability to retire comfortably after age 65

    Hi everyone. Due to certain unfortunate circumstances, I had taken a bit too much debt and not put in my savings. I have some concerns about whether I will be able to retire comfortably after age 65 (I am in my early 40s now). I was wondering if any of you have been in similar financial...
  42. B

    B Age of the Universe vs Age of the Stars

    Recently a news article stated objects found in the universe have different ages, could it be that our universe is inside an already existing universe and that is why it is able to expand so easily.
  43. M

    B Age of the Universe at the recombination?

    The age of the universe at the recombination is reported everywhere on the internet as 379,000 years. I would be grateful if someone could point me towards the paper where this is calculated.
  44. Buckethead

    B Relativity: Twin Paradox - Is Age Determinable?

    (I swore to myself I would never ask a relativity question again...oh well) I don't know why I can't find anything about this in a search so I guess I'll just have to ask. Is a twin that takes off to Mars to stay, younger than a stay at home twin or is it ambiguous? I would think that this...
  45. J

    IVF Success at Age 42-43: Personal Experiences and Advice

    Any woman here (or know someone who does) who had ivf (In Vitro Fertilization) done between age 42 to 43? How was it?
  46. M

    B Age of Universe: 13.8 Billion Years

    Summary: Age of the universe Just a bit of a fun here, not sure how this equates into anything useful. So we believe the "age of the universe" to be around 13.8 billion years, it seems to me that this is a relative time frame based on the rate of flow of time on earth. I find myself wondering...
  47. S

    I Is the age of the Universe "boundless"?

    I was reading this Quora post, and it seems to say that the late, great Stephen Hawking has proven this. https://www.quora.com/Have-scientists-disproved-Stephen-Hawkings-theories-of-the-universe
  48. O

    Studying Going back to school at age 40 to study engineering

    Hi everybody. I'm 40 years old and have been working sales and retail jobs for most of my career and have decided that I'm going to back to school part time with eventually going into mechanical or bio medical engineering. I plan on taking linear algebra and calculus 1 in the fall of 2019 to get...
  49. BillTre

    Dealing with Old Age: FDA Supplements & Reports | NY Times

    This NY Times article discusses: an FDA crackdown of supplements intended to prevent things like dementia (they don't do much of anything) as well as discussing the results of two reports about simple actions individuals can take that (unlike supplements) might have positive effects. National...
  50. S

    I Isotope clock reset debunks earth's age?

    << Mentor Note -- typo fixed below with strikethrough history shown >> I am in a heated debate with a client climate change denier (he created some of the software for their instruments, he says all evidence of how Earth's age is determined is flawed because the Earth's crust is continually...