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Are theoretical scientists blinded by scifi?

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    I didn't know where to post, but it's kind of a "Hmmm" question so I took a chance of posting this in the philosophy section, if a better section for this question exist on this forum I hope admins move it there.

    My question is: you feel theorethical scientists might be blinded by their interest in scifi?
    It seems more and more crazy theories and speculations are being studied as "real" science without any evidence pointing towards it.
    String theory, many worlds interpretation, virtual realities, simulated consciousness, wormholes, time travel etc.
    I know sometimes speculative science is the seed of a good scifi story, but it seems some famous physicist really buy into a lot of these HIGHLY speculative hypothesises.

    You think some might be a little blinded by their scifi theories and let it get in the way of REAL science?

    share your views:)
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    Are theoretical physicists blinded by scifi? NO!

    Does the popular science watering down of such theories give the impression that theoretical physicists are blinded by scifi? Yes, probably.
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    Oh I hope so and I hope they continue to be.

    SciFi is good brain food.
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    I remember from a previous thread in GD that many of the members here seemed to really dislike the more fantastic SciFi and prefered HardSciFi, the harder the better (like they were ordering whiskey in a dirty glass or something ;-p).
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    Since the OP's gone, I see no need to keep this thread open.
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