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Are white clothes better than black clothes in summer?

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    I suppose technically there is no temperature difference u just sweat more with black.

    please correct me.
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    i suppose white clothes ARE better in the summer time. it is more hot in summer so white clothes are useful as black ones tend to absorb more heat. And since black absorbs more heat, there will be a slight tempreture difference.
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    There is a temperature difference, which is why you sweat more. Black materials will absorb sunlight, white materials will reflect it.
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    Fibers which make up "white" cloth are often more transparent than white pigmented. The white appearance arises primarily from diffraction. Black cloth is usually dyed and can have a greater sunlight blocking factor than undyed "white" clothes.

    The sun block we apply to our skin is absorptive at critical frequencies, not reflective. The ideal "color" for reflection would be "silver" (reflective at a given frequency).

    The thicker the cloth, the more sunlight is blocked. Humans can withstand more infrared heat - as in an oven - while thickly clothed than naked.
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