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Arresting mold and mildew growth

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    I'm looking for an additive I can add to latex paint that will prevent mold and mildew from growing on it. Xylenol comes to mind, but I'm not sure. Or maybe a small amount of benzylkonium cloride.

    It of course has to have low toxicity, yet be effective on mold.

    This is part of my research.

    Thank you

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    Quaternary amines are usually used. Henkel Corporation offers one called CYCLOQUART that is formulated to be used in Latex paints. It is distributed by Zaclon Inc. in Cleveland OH. (216) 271-1601. My bottle is 4 years old so the info may be out of date.
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    Thanx for that info. The phone number is still valid, just I called after hours. I'll give them a call monday morning.

    As it turns out xylenol is used in the manuf. of biocide, but not as it is. (Plus the stuff smells really bad, like a fresh box of band-aids).


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