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Astronomical-objects outside our own galaxy

  1. Jun 4, 2012 #1
    Is it possible to see galaxies/clusters/astronomical-objects "outside" our own galaxy without use of a telescope or equipment, other than our eyes?

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    I know that Andromeda is visible to the naked eye.
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    Okey, so its possible then:) But is it possible to see other clusters? anyone..?
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    Clusters of what?

    Andromeda, the small and large Magellanic clouds, and on a really dark night under exceptional skies, M33 are visible to the naked eye, all are galaxies outside of our own.

    Beyond this, and perhaps supernova within these or other nearby galaxies (but I somewhat doubt this), things outside the galaxy are much too distant and faint to be picked up by the unaided eye.
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    thank you, i meant other clusters of galaxies;)
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    no all too faint cuz of distance

    the 3 or 4 objects dipole mentioned are pretty much it

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